About Us


A special retail project to support Denver and Colorado’s creative economy.

Our award winning model provides more capital to local artists & designers to help grow their businesses. Currently we support over 160 artists, designers, and design focused businesses all based in Colorado.

Two store locations:

Denver Pavilions off the 16th Street Mall on Level 2 and the Upper Level of Southwest Plaza Mall in Littleton, CO.

500 16th Street
Level 2 , #264
Denver, CO 80202

8501 W. Bowels Ave.
Littleton, CO 80123

We Help Local Artists & Designers

Through participation in the store, artists and designers have access to information about pricing, customer interaction, packaging, and the overall success of their designs. This information allows them to make informed decisions about the evolution of their works and businesses.

We Export The Local Creative Culture

Everyday there are customers from all over the world coming into the I Heart Denver Store. People are coming to Denver for tourism, work, and conventions . In their free time seek to experience the things that make Denver unique. The store provides a singular resource for goods that define Denver’s creative culture and effectively serves as an exporter of Denver’s culture to the rest of the world through the sales of it’s 100% local art & design goods.

We Develop Partnerships That Strengthen Denver & Colorado

We work with city and state offices to promote the creative community. Our Interactive Cultural Station is a touch screen interface for consumers to find culturally relevant information about the city. Categories include; Art Districts & Galleries, Music Theatre & Events, Restaurants & Eateries, Local Shopping & Boutiques, Tourism, and Creative Firms & Institutions. Currently there are touch screen stations at I Heart Denver Store and the McNichols building. This project is in partnership with Denver Arts & Venues, CompanyBe, Jace Harmer, and I Heart Denver Store.

On the state level I Heart Denver Store partners with Colorado Creative Industries and Colorado Tourism. We provide connections to artists for design work and product for events, giveaways, and conventions. Often we are able to advocate for marketing and press opportunities for local creatives through these relationships, and every year we volunteer our time to assist on a creative grants panel.

We Encourage Sustainable Processes and Growth

By advocating a generous sales model we are able to encourage artists to produce more and better work. They come to use for suggestions on how to produce their items and we always push for as local a production model. While not everything in the store is produced in Colorado a great portion of it is, and over time we hope that people choose to keep as much of the work as possible close to home.

Throughout the years we have been established we have found that an artist or designer will come to us with a few pieces they have made to sell. After some months selling in the store they have expanded their offering to a more diverse price point and type of goods, and have become inspired and motivate to produce more interesting and contemporary works.

We are an Award Winning Model

Best Colorado Everything 2014 -- Best of Denver Award Denver Westword
2013/2014 Artists Heart Colorado Feature -- Colorado Tourism Publication
2013 Denver's Best Boutiques -- 5280 Magazine
2013 CBS4 and Denver Business Journal Article
2013 CBCA Create Award -- Colorado Business Committee for the Arts
Best Store on 16th Street Mall 2013 -- Best of Denver Award Denver Westword
Best Shop Dog 2013 our Shop Corgi -- Best of Denver Award Denver Westword
Best Craft Kit 2013 Denver Picard Felting Kit -- Best of Denver Award Denver Westword
2013 Super Summer Escapes Mention -- Cincinnati Magazine
2012 The Atlantic Magazine Online Spotlight on I Heart Denver Store
2012 Cool Shops Denver -- Sunset Magazine December Holiday Issue